Using a Wellness Community to Power Your Personal Training Business

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Unless your fitness clients have the intense sociopathic fitness tendencies of Jenifer Lopez, then hitting the gym on the regular might feel like a pain in the a**! But if you add a useful app and a couple gadgets to their exercise routine, then you might make their fitness motivation a whole lot easier. Heck, you might even just look forward to it (crazy, we know right?).

Whether they just can’t stand the treadmill at the gym but want to do more cardio on other machines, or if it’s the smoothie-fueled gym paradise of sweaty, glistening people who smile relentlessly through Zumba that they’re not into, we can accommodate. And that’s because for some, we understand gyms can be dirty, smelly, crowded, and gross, but perfect for others.

And it’s not all about the physical, it’s about the mental too. Bottom line: Staying healthy not only requires fitness, but requires an investment of time and energy too. But don’t worry, the investment pays off in when you join the right wellness community.

After all, just remember: It’s not just a social network, for fitness; it’s a wellness network. Here are some ways you can take full advantage of this interconnection of social wellness on one of 2019’s newest apps!

What is A Wellness Network?

Our self-care isn’t enough. We need community care to truly thrive.

If you’ve happened to spend any time on planet Earth in the past couple years, chances are someone has recommended you “take some self-care time.” Maybe you’ve noticed a trend phrase on social media, “treat yo’ self.” Maybe they’ve told you to adopt a healthy lifestyle or download a self-care app to teach you how to breathe better, and more.

Either way, every person, every “Adam” and “Eve” needs a support system (just like your clients). Social support enhances one’s quality of life in general, but even cooler, it’s can be an emergency buffer against adverse life events or simply when you’re feeling unmotivated on your fitness journey.

And aside from fitness, giving and receiving social support on a daily basis, gives one a broader outlook on life and a more positive self-image.

But at the heart of all of this advice, you can’t give your client an FYI that the same principle is always left standing true: If the goal is for you is to feel better, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

What Benefits can A Wellness Community Provide?

Community can provide a competitive edge to your fitness business as a trainer. Your clients online can encourage, motivate, and help one another – basically giving you a fast way to receive word-of-mouth referrals.

Transitioning your personal training business or starting your business on an online fitness community immediately saves you time and money: no more car rides, no more income limits from your gym employer, no more time wasted searching for clients.

According to mhnews.org, “Social isolation or having few social contacts has significant health implications on one’s overall health (p. 24).”

Research on joining a wellness community (or health and fitness community) has shown that:
Health risks of isolation are comparable to smoking, high blood pressure and obesity.
Heart and blood pressure of people with positive relationships respond better to stress.
A strong social network is associated with a more healthy endocrine system and healthier cardiovascular functioning.
Healthy social lives can enhance the immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases.

Where Should I Build My Wellness Community and Fitness Business?

Sign-in, log in, sign-up. We scour the internet everyday and constantly come across these words online.

Brands are just constantly engaging with audiences in new ways. They’ve evolved just as much as the internet has in recent years, all thanks to the trendy adoption of social media.

First, there was the internet, then there were apps, and ultimately, social media. So with all of the improvements out there why settle for less when it comes to your personal training business? You don’t have to. Keep up with the Jones’ and utilize your modern options available by combining BOTH modern technology options: Apps AND social media.

But wait! Don’t just join ANY wellness community. Join the right wellness community. Join the wellness community that will provide world-wide clients (more clients, equals more money right?).

Plus, our community will provide more than just online training. You’ll also have options for in-person training, direct messaging capabilities for your clients 1:1, and as we mentioned before (cause money is important, duh!) unlike some gym employers, your income ceiling potential is eliminated!

Join a community at the start of it’s journey. Join the trend before it gets too saturated by filling out a founding trainer application and download SocioFit today!

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