We Need More Clients, Don’t We?

More clients equal more money.

Why don't you have more clients to train?

We squeeze clients into our limited schedules, but there's a limit to how much we can do.

Ever lost a client due to the high price?

Most gyms don't offer an alternative to gaining new clients.


The solution comes in

SocioFit Pro

With SocioFit Pro, you can diversify beyond just in-person training.



Moreover, with SocioFit Pro the ceiling for income potential is eliminated. Therefore, EARN MORE!

Apply as Trainer

We are currently searching for the best fitness coaches to be part of our platform from the beginning and grow with us as we help change the lives of newer coaches that come on board.

Check Out the Variety of Features Coming to SocioFit Pro and Apply to be One of the Founding Trainers

Apply to be a trainer on SocioFit Pro

*After you apply we will contact you!


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Funnel new leads to yourself through content creation and building value. As a result, lay the foundation for building new business.


Build a fitness community and coach your clients in what their lifestyles demand.


From your community of followers, grow your coaching business within a network dedicated to wellness.

Awesome Features

Build your community

Create content to promote your specialty and build a captivated community to market and sell your services.

Showcase your journey

Even coaches can have journeys towards healthier lives. Showcase yours to inspire your community.

Be that perfect coach

List yourself within our Coach Marketplace and reach the SocioFit community of eager fitness enthusiasts to promote your services locally or across the world!


Silver Founder’s Package


Annually for the first 14 trainers

$259 annually for the next 30 trainers.


$45 per/month

  • Silver Founding Package members receive a 30% discount on all future pricing options
  • Be a critical and early part of what can become a new movement in the Wellness Industry
  • Submit videos for the future Exercise Library, allowing you to show your training skills to potential coaching clients further when Phase 2 begins
  • Silver Founders can start submitting right away. Your videos will be placed in the exercise library immediately once Phase 2 begins
  • Post content in your feed that provides value for potential followers
  • Setup your dedicated coach profile to show off your credentials and sell yourself as a model coach
  • Get Listed in the Coach Marketplace and found by potential clients
  • Start and Run your personal training business as a Freelancer
  • Take control and build your life using online personal training
  • Build your network of followers genuinely interested in fitness & nutrition and convert into online clients
  • Opportunity to build an audience for your niche from a growing pool of new health and fitness conscious users
  • Post content in your feed that provides value for potential followers
  • A new way to upsell current PT Clients and downsell prospects, so you don’t miss out on income opportunity!
  • To continue building a life for yourself and also make yourself a better coach
  • Set your price and sell monthly customized fitness programs to followers within your community or other clients(Phase 2 feature)
  • Be a critical and early part of what can become a new movement in the Wellness Industry



  • 6 months of experience as a certified Personal Trainer
  • You will need to complete an IRS W-9 Form(we will provide to you)
  • Possess General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance
  • Signed Letter of Intent for Founding Trainers


"As a fitness coach, I feel this platform finally allows us to build not just a client relationship with the people we work with, but also be a part of a greater fitness & wellness ecosystem. I'm looking forward to being apart of the community!

Bo UtoboBodybuilder - Personal Trainer, Westchester NY

"SocioFit has ambitious plans as they evolve. Soon, they'll extend beyond a social networking platform to becoming a place where we can design customized workouts and a lot more! I'm excited to be a part of sociofit from its launch!

Eve GordonPersonal Trainer - Chicago, IL

"These folks got it right, you can't separate fitness from the rest of your life: people, nutrition, community support. Can't wait to be a part of sociofit! They make it participatory even for coaches: you're just not looking for clients, you participate to shape people's wellness lifestyles."

Aaron GempaCoach, Martial Arts artist

"Started by a coach, you can tell Sociofit Pro thinks a lot about what matters to us as coaches. The platform is designed with an understanding of what makes coaches tick. It's not all business either, you can use it as a way to motivate yourself by being a part of a larger fitness community made up of coaches, casual exercisers, atheletes. Thumbs up! Good luck, guys!"

Maren PascioCoach, Pre-natal Nutritionist