How To Build A Profitable Online Personal Training Business

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It’s a no-brainer to most trainers that they can make more money in less time by doing full-time online coaching, or even doing a combination of both online and in-home personal training services. This style of training is a trend that is so rapidly evolving, it’s been reshaping the fitness industry for years. 


Don’t get left behind, hop on the bandwagon – you don’t want to miss out on another trend before it takes off now do you?!


We chatted about the 5 Steps to Become an Online Personal Trainer and Increase Your Business in our previous blog, but today we’re going to dive into all of the benefits that come along with it and how you can start.


Young fit woman using SocioFit smart phone app at gymWhat Are The Benefits of An Online Personal Trainer? 


Are you working more hours than you’d ever imagine as a freelance fitness trainer, but still not making ends meet? Are you constantly squeezing clients into your limited schedule? Is your gym not helping you find new clients?


Chances are that if you provide in-home personal training services, then you’ve stumbled across these thoughts at one point or another, and that’s okay. The same goes for tons of other freelance fitness trainers who come across the same issue in such a competition-filled industry


Transitioning your personal training business to online coaching can solve:

  • Systemizing your business
  • Eliminating the ceiling for income potential 
  • Finding new clients
  • Saving time


And for some of the most successful freelance personal trainers, these are the same ingredients it takes to build their recipe for a successful, profitable online personal training business. 


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How Can SocioFit Achieve These Benefits and MORE?


Without a platform to spearhead your online personal training business, you probably will just end up wasting time on trial and error working on things like websites, ordering domains, ads, Google marketing, and the list goes on and on.


But don’t waste your time. Spend your valuable time on what freelance personal trainers do best: fitness and keeping your clients healthy and happy.


By bringing your online training expertise to SocioFit, you’ll find an online home for your fitness business whether you’re a personal training newbie or a seasoned veteran. And for your clients, our health and fitness training app will provide:

  • Social fitness community
  • Advice
  • Physical assessments
  • Personalized fitness programs


Robert T., a member of SocioFit, says

Fitness + people=great app! They bring a lot of heart and thought to it, unlike other fitness apps! Also a pretty fantastic design! A good-looking app!


But we didn’t forget about your benefits, the freelance personal trainers (the other star players of our app). Since SocioFit’s CEO used to be in your exact position – a certified personal trainer whose goal was to launch his own personal training business – our app was designed with fitness trainers in mind. To help fitness professionals build a sustainable online personal training business outside the confines of a gym!


With a dream to connect people with fitness professionals through a social network to help and support their peers, we know what freelance personal trainers ultimately want to:

  • Work remotely from home
  • No website needed (lower costs)
  • Join a social wellness community
  • Tracking of fitness journey
  • World-wide and unlimited customer base
  • User-friendly platform



Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out yourself and start your personal training business today!


If you’re a personal trainer, hurry up and join SocioFit before and get the benefits of being one of our Founding Members by applying on our SocioFit Pro page!

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