Can I train people outdoors or in their own gym?

Yes! Our platform is designed to facilitate the meeting of client and trainer. We’re designing the SocioFit so you can meet new people turn them into clients and build your business. Just know that when we complete Phase 2, you’ll be able to increase your reach and earning potential through the creation of personalized programs.


Does SocioFit set the price for personal training programs?

You set your price. The average price of online pt is currently $150 per program. Though you should set your price based on how much you think you are worth. How much effort and money did you put into your education? How experienced are you as a personal trainer? Do you specialize in anything specific?  How amazing are you at coaching that? After you answer these questions, you may want to charge $200 – $300 for your programs.


Is there a minimum of how many people I train?

There is no minimum. You are a freelancer when you work with SocioFit. And your only concerns should be content creation, closing new clients, keeping old clients, providing excellent service for your clients so you can increase your earnings, and helping to inspire growth with everyone that your encounter.


How do I find clients?

SocioFit is a social network. If you have clients already, ask them to come onto the platform, then help push them to refer their friends. If they refer their friends, and those friends refer more people, then more users will be on the platform, and that increases the pool of people that can find you through the content you create and follow you. You may find people interested in your services by creating content that your followers enjoy. If you see a lot of engagement from specific followers, then send them a DM and strike a conversation. Then close close close!


How do I create content?


Good options are using and the mobile app WordSwag. They allow usage of free stock images and allow you to add words to your content. There is a subscription available for Canva, but WordSwag is completely free. Use this opportunity to relay your personality and attempt to create engagement with your followers.SocioFit-exercise-motivation


How much does this cost again?

If you want in on as a Founding Silver Member, then it’ll cost you just $259 annually. For that, you’ll get:

  • A 30-day free trial
  • 20% off all future pricing tiers (this is a big deal, and you should hop on this membership just for this! Can’t tell you everything we have coming in the future, but this is worth it!)
  • First crack at submitting videos for the free exercise library coming in Phase 2
  • A chance to try out future versions of SocioFit before they’re available to the public
  • And still a bit more

If you want in as a standard Silver member, 3-month trial then $40 per month.

  • Submission for the exercise library is unavailable until after Phase 2 begins

When can I start with online PT?

Phase 2. But in the meantime, if you are Founding Silver Member, you can submit exercise videos to our free exercise library which will be used by users after the Phase 2 launch to create their private workouts and can be used by you in creating workouts for your clients. Phase 2 will begin before the end of 2019. 


Why should I add videos to the General Exercise Library(GEL)?

Videos added to the GEL will be accessible and free for all SocioFit members to use. Each video will have your name and SocioFit profile attached to it, which means a member can click and find out who you are and decide if they may want to learn from you. Having your video within the GEL essentially becomes a form of free advertising for you. 


What if I want to add more videos not currently on the list for the General Exercise Library(GEL)?

There is a submission protocol to follow which will be available after you sign up as a SocioFit Pro member.


What are the video requirements?

The General Exercise Library Submission Protocol will be available to you after you sign-up and register as a Founding SocioFit Pro member.


If I can’t sell online PT and I can’t submit to the exercise library early, what’s the point of me becoming a Silver Member?

The point is making contact with users, building a base of followers, so when the Online PT becomes available, you can offer amazing customized programs for your followers to want that will better their lives.