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Using a Wellness Community to Power Your Personal Training Business

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Unless your fitness clients have the intense sociopathic fitness tendencies of Jenifer Lopez, then hitting the gym on the regular might feel like a pain in the a**! But if you add a useful app and a couple gadgets to their exercise routine, then you might make their fitness motivation a whole lot easier. Heck, you might even just look forward to it (crazy, we know right?).

Whether they just can’t stand the treadmill at the gym but want to do more cardio on other machines, or if it’s the smoothie-fueled gym paradise of sweaty, glistening people who smile relentlessly through Zumba that they’re not into, we can accommodate. And that’s because for some, we understand gyms can be dirty, smelly, crowded, and gross, but perfect for others.

And it’s not all about the physical, it’s about the mental too. Bottom line: Staying healthy not only requires fitness, but requires an investment of time and energy too. But don’t worry, the investment pays off in when you join the right wellness community.

After all, just remember: It’s not just a social network, for fitness; it’s a wellness network. Here are some ways you can take full advantage of this interconnection of social wellness on one of 2019’s newest apps!

What is A Wellness Network?

Our self-care isn’t enough. We need community care to truly thrive.

If you’ve happened to spend any time on planet Earth in the past couple years, chances are someone has recommended you “take some self-care time.” Maybe you’ve noticed a trend phrase on social media, “treat yo’ self.” Maybe they’ve told you to adopt a healthy lifestyle or download a self-care app to teach you how to breathe better, and more.

Either way, every person, every “Adam” and “Eve” needs a support system (just like your clients). Social support enhances one’s quality of life in general, but even cooler, it’s can be an emergency buffer against adverse life events or simply when you’re feeling unmotivated on your fitness journey.

And aside from fitness, giving and receiving social support on a daily basis, gives one a broader outlook on life and a more positive self-image.

But at the heart of all of this advice, you can’t give your client an FYI that the same principle is always left standing true: If the goal is for you is to feel better, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

What Benefits can A Wellness Community Provide?

Community can provide a competitive edge to your fitness business as a trainer. Your clients online can encourage, motivate, and help one another – basically giving you a fast way to receive word-of-mouth referrals.

Transitioning your personal training business or starting your business on an online fitness community immediately saves you time and money: no more car rides, no more income limits from your gym employer, no more time wasted searching for clients.

According to mhnews.org, “Social isolation or having few social contacts has significant health implications on one’s overall health (p. 24).”

Research on joining a wellness community (or health and fitness community) has shown that:
Health risks of isolation are comparable to smoking, high blood pressure and obesity.
Heart and blood pressure of people with positive relationships respond better to stress.
A strong social network is associated with a more healthy endocrine system and healthier cardiovascular functioning.
Healthy social lives can enhance the immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases.

Where Should I Build My Wellness Community and Fitness Business?

Sign-in, log in, sign-up. We scour the internet everyday and constantly come across these words online.

Brands are just constantly engaging with audiences in new ways. They’ve evolved just as much as the internet has in recent years, all thanks to the trendy adoption of social media.

First, there was the internet, then there were apps, and ultimately, social media. So with all of the improvements out there why settle for less when it comes to your personal training business? You don’t have to. Keep up with the Jones’ and utilize your modern options available by combining BOTH modern technology options: Apps AND social media.

But wait! Don’t just join ANY wellness community. Join the right wellness community. Join the wellness community that will provide world-wide clients (more clients, equals more money right?).

Plus, our community will provide more than just online training. You’ll also have options for in-person training, direct messaging capabilities for your clients 1:1, and as we mentioned before (cause money is important, duh!) unlike some gym employers, your income ceiling potential is eliminated!

Join a community at the start of it’s journey. Join the trend before it gets too saturated by filling out a founding trainer application and download SocioFit today!

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How To Build A Profitable Online Personal Training Business

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SocioFit Female Personal Trainer, with his back facing the camera, looking at a gym

It’s a no-brainer to most trainers that they can make more money in less time by doing full-time online coaching, or even doing a combination of both online and in-home personal training services. This style of training is a trend that is so rapidly evolving, it’s been reshaping the fitness industry for years. 


Don’t get left behind, hop on the bandwagon – you don’t want to miss out on another trend before it takes off now do you?!


We chatted about the 5 Steps to Become an Online Personal Trainer and Increase Your Business in our previous blog, but today we’re going to dive into all of the benefits that come along with it and how you can start.


Young fit woman using SocioFit smart phone app at gymWhat Are The Benefits of An Online Personal Trainer? 


Are you working more hours than you’d ever imagine as a freelance fitness trainer, but still not making ends meet? Are you constantly squeezing clients into your limited schedule? Is your gym not helping you find new clients?


Chances are that if you provide in-home personal training services, then you’ve stumbled across these thoughts at one point or another, and that’s okay. The same goes for tons of other freelance fitness trainers who come across the same issue in such a competition-filled industry


Transitioning your personal training business to online coaching can solve:

  • Systemizing your business
  • Eliminating the ceiling for income potential 
  • Finding new clients
  • Saving time


And for some of the most successful freelance personal trainers, these are the same ingredients it takes to build their recipe for a successful, profitable online personal training business. 


SocioFit Online workout program, woman using app for fitness on phone.

How Can SocioFit Achieve These Benefits and MORE?


Without a platform to spearhead your online personal training business, you probably will just end up wasting time on trial and error working on things like websites, ordering domains, ads, Google marketing, and the list goes on and on.


But don’t waste your time. Spend your valuable time on what freelance personal trainers do best: fitness and keeping your clients healthy and happy.


By bringing your online training expertise to SocioFit, you’ll find an online home for your fitness business whether you’re a personal training newbie or a seasoned veteran. And for your clients, our health and fitness training app will provide:

  • Social fitness community
  • Advice
  • Physical assessments
  • Personalized fitness programs


Robert T., a member of SocioFit, says

Fitness + people=great app! They bring a lot of heart and thought to it, unlike other fitness apps! Also a pretty fantastic design! A good-looking app!


But we didn’t forget about your benefits, the freelance personal trainers (the other star players of our app). Since SocioFit’s CEO used to be in your exact position – a certified personal trainer whose goal was to launch his own personal training business – our app was designed with fitness trainers in mind. To help fitness professionals build a sustainable online personal training business outside the confines of a gym!


With a dream to connect people with fitness professionals through a social network to help and support their peers, we know what freelance personal trainers ultimately want to:

  • Work remotely from home
  • No website needed (lower costs)
  • Join a social wellness community
  • Tracking of fitness journey
  • World-wide and unlimited customer base
  • User-friendly platform



Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out yourself and start your personal training business today!


If you’re a personal trainer, hurry up and join SocioFit before and get the benefits of being one of our Founding Members by applying on our SocioFit Pro page!

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5 Steps to Become an Online Personal Trainer and Increase Your Business

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It took countless lengthy nights, gallons of elbow grease, and a metric ton of hope, but you did it: You became a certified personal trainer. Except now, you hit a wall in your fitness career or your in-home training services are running your energy dry, and inevitably the question of “What do I do now?” is without a doubt on your mind. 


We found out the answer to that burning question for you online, and the answer is: online. Yep, literally by going online with your personal training business, and you can get started in five steps below (I mean why not try it when chances are you’re following at least one online trainer on Instagram right now anyways… right?)!


But before we get started with each step let’s get back to basics, that way you can raise the bar – literally – with your workout routines and online coaching.


SocioFit Personal Trainer using mobile device lying on a mat

How Does Online Personal Training Work? 


First things first, what does an online freelance personal trainer do?


This style of training has been blowing up in recent years, and we can thank our technology today (hey there, smartphone) for making it easier than ever. 


Like one-on-one in-home personal training, you can get workout routines tailored to your desires and varied fitness levels when turning to training online. Some freelance fitness trainers offer a combination of in-home and online training services, while others offer solely online services. Yet where many online trainers are really expanding their businesses is by hopping on health and fitness apps to really take it to the next level (just like SociaFit).


In summation: Online training has all the perks of being an in-person trainer, minus the hefty price and overtime hours that come with being attached to a gym or fun traffic jams – is remote personal training a fitness godsend or what?


Should I really be a SocioFit personal trainer

Step 1: Should I Become An Online Personal Trainer?


Caution: The following numbers may be shocking to some viewers: 

  • Only 19 percent of the American class is considered the upper class 
  • More than 50 percent of all smartphone users have downloaded a fitness or health app 


Online personal training is a rapidly evolving and trendy way to exercise, largely due to the facts above showing how it can be a cost-effective way our average shopper – whose budget-conscious – can get to work with certified professionals, at a tenth of the cost of in-home training!


It’s on-demand. It’s efficient. It’s on-trend. It allows you to customize and scale your business eliminating a ceiling for income potential, train more clients, in half the time, while earning MORE money.


become a certified personal trainer to run business on SocioFitStep 2: Get Certified


Why would anyone want online coaching from someone who isn’t certified? They want a personal trainer just as real as the weight-loss results they hope for.


Contrary to what some may believe, starting an online personal training business is different than being a freelance fitness trainer face-to-face. It can very well be more difficult than training someone standing right in front of you. For example, can online coaching prevent bad form? Anticipate the problems a client may likely have before?


Luckily, there are a number of options for you to choose from on where to be certified so you can officially begin your freelance personal trainer journey. These include:


Step 3: Find Your Niche

Don’t be a “do-it-all” personal trainer, be a “specialized” personal trainer. If you really want to be on top of the competition you need to find a niche as a freelance fitness trainer.


Clearly defining a niche and your targeted buyer personas will make your work more effective: you will be able to build personalized physical assessments and fitness programs specific for your targets, thus saving time when assigning new training plans to clients.


sociofit-pro-app-home-feed-social-fitnessStep 4: What Online Platform Should I Use?


Online coaching can happen in countless unique ways (websites, PDFs, etc.) but the starting point always remains the same: your goal is to focus on improving your client’s health and in the most efficient way possible.


Choose a platform like SocioFit which solves that for you, and provides added benefits all trainers are searching for:

  • Delivers a systematic method, with sustainable results
  • More clients
  • Clients worldwide
  • Supporting dreams and lifestyle of an entrepreneur (that’s you!) — not someone else’s


Step 5: Decide How Much to Charge

In online coaching, the gym and personal training experience are delivered to your clients, wherever they are. Whether on their laptop or their phones, remember that remote fitness coaching provides flexibility and expert trainer knowledge at a low price point, so don’t be afraid to value yourself correctly. And on the contrary, if you undervalue yourself you may lose clients that are searching for quality.


Comparatively, face-to-face trainers would typically charge at least $80 per session(depending on location). While on the other hand, most online training programs will range from $100 to $350 a month, and depending on the coach and their specialties. 


So against in-home/in-gym training services, it can be more cost-effective, less time intensive, and opens your schedule to even MORE clients. Plus, you get reach more people further away from you and share your wellness philosophy.



If you’re a freelance personal trainer and looking for a platform to simplify or take your business to the next level, join one of the newest apps launching in 2019 – apply on our SocioFit Pro page today!


Social Fitness is About to Get Better – Join the Launch List

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sociofit app-friends exercising-unsplashHealth is your real wealth. Health is a treasure, and a healthy person is a treasurer who looks after their health. An unhealthy person on their bed has only one wish which they want to be true. That wish is not money and fame, but it is the health that they want to achieve by giving all the money that they’ve earned in their life. We are now in the 21st century, there is no doubt that the world is moving towards globalization, but we lack in health and fitness. We think it’s mandatory to revive the enthusiasm towards health and fitness. Hence, we are going to explore a new dimension of the fitness world that comprises of the social exercises, social fitness for the betterment of fitness community, and social wellness.

With globalization, we are also moving towards many diseases, stressors, and health hazards. Therefore, we need to take care of our society. We want to be social and what if we get social with being healthy. It seems exciting, and it really is. The idea of socializing your fitness activity can change the health conditions. Just imagine a social application where billions of people are on it to improve their health.

Physical Wellness Can Make You Better

It’s not only about the health of a person, but in the big picture, it’s about the health of every person living on this planet. We need to dive into the reason behind the gap between fitness and people. In the US, people are growing up thinking that their physical wellbeing should be second to all forms of work, such as a career, or even just attending school. sociofit app-solo exercising-squatAnd that line of thought, plus the overly abundant and unhealthy foods marketed to us every day makes it even harder to prioritize our personal wellness.

Interestingly, this kind of routine makes it more relevant to begin working on your own wellness socially rather than individually.

You should ask yourself whether exercise is making you social or not. In this century, social life is vital, mingling with the people, and spending time with your friends and family releases anxiety and depression. Now the question is how we can do both things at the same time. How to become an active social person with a healthy life? To be honest, you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to introduce you to a new concept of social fitness.

What is Social Fitness?

Social Fitness is a broader term. It relates to being fit with a healthy social life. People share exercises and diet that they prefer for their health with the fitness community. This is an act of social wellness, and in addition to that, it keeps you connected with the fitness community. As a result, you will be healthy and social at the same time.

The concept of social fitness might be new to some people, but it necessary to eliminate the gap between fitness and people. It will make you socially active as well as passionate about fitness and health. If you are connected with a fitness community, then the community members will motivate you. Their motivation will help you to get the desired results earlier. Even you can also correct your mistakes by learning from other fitness community members. social fitness sociofit 3 women exercising

It means Social Fitness is a source of fitness and health while being socially active. You will get to know about new and healthy diets from other people. There are unlimited benefits of social exercise, but the question is how we can achieve this. How can we get into the fitness community? Is there any platform that connects people for group exercising that is convenient for usage anywhere and helps me find professional help if needed? What can we do to achieve social wellness and fitness simultaneously? All these questions are valid, and we are glad to answer these questions. We want to introduce you to a mobile app made, especially for the sake of social fitness. Our app aims to build social wellness around the globe. We call it SocioFit.

sociofit-logoHow SocioFit as an app works?

SocioFit is a social network specially designed for social fitness to help you to get in touch with exercising, eating more healthily, and fitness experts. Further, this app is available for Android and iOS. It is effortless to use with many additional features coming in the future.

Social Wellness Community

The SocioFit app will connect people around the globe on a platform where they can share diet plans, healthy meals, tips, and exercises. You can connect with people and ask for help. Since the app creates a fitness community, as the number of users grows, it’ll become easier to get the answer to your questions, especially from professionals.

If you are looking for a partner to work out with, then you’re in the right place. Yes, SocioFit can help you find an exercise partner that also exercises at your gym. The most important thing is the motivation that you get from a consistent partner will help you be consistent and hardworking to achieve your goal. And while you’re working out, go ahead and take a pic of yourself and post it!

The best thing about the app is the messaging feature. You can message people and chat with them. This will grow your social network with positive people also interested in increasing their personal wellness.

Your Social Fitness Journey

sociofit app journeys timeline


We often take pictures in poses and while doing exercise. The aim of taking pictures is to see the change after a specific interval of time. After some time, you open that picture again to track your progress, and you notice the changes. You say, “Oh My God! My arms are bigger now.”

SocioFit has made more natural for you to track your journey and progress. It has a personal sketchbook where from where you and your friends can follow your transformation. Your whole journey appears in front of you just as a diary that you write every day. This keeps you motivated and enthusiastic. You can add a picture and note down your daily progress in it. Your complete journey will be in front of you, and it will help you to judge your daily diet and exercise routine. Keep your journey private or share it with the community! This feature of the app is a blessing for the fitness community.

Finding a Coach

Finding a perfect coach is a difficult task. An ideal coach keeps an eye on you and takes you in the right direction. The coach tells you the steps of exercises and the don’ts as well. Motivation by your coach is the key to your success. But you might find it very difficult to find a perfect coach for yourself. No worries now, because for the sake of social wellness, SocioFit is gathering coaches for you in one place. You can find a perfect coach for yourself nearby your area or follow one far away from you if you wish.

You can filter the coaching search by choosing the gender, specialty, price, and area. It means you can find coaches for yoga, weight training, gymnastics, boxing and etc. You can select the price range as well. This will help you find a coach according to your budget. For area selection, you just need to put your Zipcode, and the app will discover coaches close to you. The best thing is that you will get a professional trainer and there is no risk of scams as the trainer was vetted when joining SocioFit.

You are not Alone

When you are connected with the community, it means you’ll have a growing network of friends, fellow fitness enthusiasts, and experts. All of them are just a click away. Although there are other social applications where you can share your exercises, diet and etc. But they are not made explicitly to connect you with your friends and experts. The goal of SocioFit is to promote social sharing of exercising, and nutrition to help the fitness and wellness community.

Final Words

There tons of benefits of social exercises and social fitness, which is beneficial for the fitness community. Social Fitness has changed the industry in many ways. SocioFit is playing its role to promote social exercise. This is a great platform where professionals and fitness enthusiasts can gather to mingle with each other and for social wellness. The application is providing motivation to the people who think that fitness takes away our social life. This is going to create and unleash a new dimension of health and fitness in the industry. There is nothing that can buy health, the features of this application are invaluable and cannot be measured in terms of money (which is why it’s free). It worth your time as it will provide you the wealth which cannot be bought.

SocioFit is preparing to launch, join our launch list, and leave your email below!

If you are a personal trainer, apply to be apart of SocioFit at sociofit.com/pro.

Not PT or Coach? Get More info about SocioFit here!

We are currently accepting registrants for our Beta Test Launch of SocioFit!

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SocioFit is Coming!

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Mid-July 2019!

Launch Announcement


After a lot of sweat and hard work, I am excited to tell you that SocioFit is about to launch. It’s been my dream for years to connect people with fitness professionals through a social network to help individuals improve themselves with the help and support from their peers. And to help fitness professionals build a sustainable online personal training business outside the confines of a gym.

SocioFit is designed to be a medium for you to inspire others and be inspired yourself to surpass your limits.

We’re building SocioFit in phases where Phase 1 is all about the building of community. It’s for you to share your progress with friends and others that’ll be inspired by you and understand how hard it is to get up in the morning for a run or wake up the next day after LEG DAY. And for people new to exercising and being healthy, for you to learn from the fitness professionals on our platform and follow them; learn new things you can do through the content they provide.

The SocioFit app will be released for both iOS and Android! Which means anyone can use it! Since the app hasn’t been released yet, sign up for our Launch List at www.sociofit.com and get notified when we do publish the app. When you sign up, you’ll receive a share link. If you refer 10 friends, you’ll receive a $10 coupon towards online personal training once we present that feature in Phase 2.

I’m asking for your support in sharing our website, www.sociofit.com because with it SocioFit can become a game changer in promoting health and wellness to the masses.


Thanks and talk to you again soon!

Paul Brown

Founder & CEO of SocioFit