5 Steps to Become an Online Personal Trainer and Increase Your Business

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It took countless lengthy nights, gallons of elbow grease, and a metric ton of hope, but you did it: You became a certified personal trainer. Except now, you hit a wall in your fitness career or your in-home training services are running your energy dry, and inevitably the question of “What do I do now?” is without a doubt on your mind. 


We found out the answer to that burning question for you online, and the answer is: online. Yep, literally by going online with your personal training business, and you can get started in five steps below (I mean why not try it when chances are you’re following at least one online trainer on Instagram right now anyways… right?)!


But before we get started with each step let’s get back to basics, that way you can raise the bar – literally – with your workout routines and online coaching.


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How Does Online Personal Training Work? 


First things first, what does an online freelance personal trainer do?


This style of training has been blowing up in recent years, and we can thank our technology today (hey there, smartphone) for making it easier than ever. 


Like one-on-one in-home personal training, you can get workout routines tailored to your desires and varied fitness levels when turning to training online. Some freelance fitness trainers offer a combination of in-home and online training services, while others offer solely online services. Yet where many online trainers are really expanding their businesses is by hopping on health and fitness apps to really take it to the next level (just like SociaFit).


In summation: Online training has all the perks of being an in-person trainer, minus the hefty price and overtime hours that come with being attached to a gym or fun traffic jams – is remote personal training a fitness godsend or what?


Should I really be a SocioFit personal trainer

Step 1: Should I Become An Online Personal Trainer?


Caution: The following numbers may be shocking to some viewers: 

  • Only 19 percent of the American class is considered the upper class 
  • More than 50 percent of all smartphone users have downloaded a fitness or health app 


Online personal training is a rapidly evolving and trendy way to exercise, largely due to the facts above showing how it can be a cost-effective way our average shopper – whose budget-conscious – can get to work with certified professionals, at a tenth of the cost of in-home training!


It’s on-demand. It’s efficient. It’s on-trend. It allows you to customize and scale your business eliminating a ceiling for income potential, train more clients, in half the time, while earning MORE money.


become a certified personal trainer to run business on SocioFitStep 2: Get Certified


Why would anyone want online coaching from someone who isn’t certified? They want a personal trainer just as real as the weight-loss results they hope for.


Contrary to what some may believe, starting an online personal training business is different than being a freelance fitness trainer face-to-face. It can very well be more difficult than training someone standing right in front of you. For example, can online coaching prevent bad form? Anticipate the problems a client may likely have before?


Luckily, there are a number of options for you to choose from on where to be certified so you can officially begin your freelance personal trainer journey. These include:


Step 3: Find Your Niche

Don’t be a “do-it-all” personal trainer, be a “specialized” personal trainer. If you really want to be on top of the competition you need to find a niche as a freelance fitness trainer.


Clearly defining a niche and your targeted buyer personas will make your work more effective: you will be able to build personalized physical assessments and fitness programs specific for your targets, thus saving time when assigning new training plans to clients.


sociofit-pro-app-home-feed-social-fitnessStep 4: What Online Platform Should I Use?


Online coaching can happen in countless unique ways (websites, PDFs, etc.) but the starting point always remains the same: your goal is to focus on improving your client’s health and in the most efficient way possible.


Choose a platform like SocioFit which solves that for you, and provides added benefits all trainers are searching for:

  • Delivers a systematic method, with sustainable results
  • More clients
  • Clients worldwide
  • Supporting dreams and lifestyle of an entrepreneur (that’s you!) — not someone else’s


Step 5: Decide How Much to Charge

In online coaching, the gym and personal training experience are delivered to your clients, wherever they are. Whether on their laptop or their phones, remember that remote fitness coaching provides flexibility and expert trainer knowledge at a low price point, so don’t be afraid to value yourself correctly. And on the contrary, if you undervalue yourself you may lose clients that are searching for quality.


Comparatively, face-to-face trainers would typically charge at least $80 per session(depending on location). While on the other hand, most online training programs will range from $100 to $350 a month, and depending on the coach and their specialties. 


So against in-home/in-gym training services, it can be more cost-effective, less time intensive, and opens your schedule to even MORE clients. Plus, you get reach more people further away from you and share your wellness philosophy.



If you’re a freelance personal trainer and looking for a platform to simplify or take your business to the next level, join one of the newest apps launching in 2019 – apply on our SocioFit Pro page today!

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