Fitness is hard to keep up, isn't it?

Sometimes you want to stay in bed.

It's easier to maintain your wellness lifestyle with help.

Community, Coaching, & Positivity, can go a long way!


Remember what it was like when you first got started getting fit? Share your experiences and inspire others!


SocioFit is where you come to tell your community what YOU achieved today: No judgment. No attitude.


A coach isn't just someone to teach you to do planks the right way. A coach is a mentor, a role model, a peer. Find the right coach for your lifestyle here!


Awesome Features

Find Your Wellness Community

Share your nutrition & fitness progress with a supportive, fun community; find workout partners from nearby gyms.

A Footprint of Your Fitness Journey

Journeys is a dynamic personal sketchbook. Scroll through your fitness footprints; visually track your life transformation along a chronological journey.

Find That Perfect Coach

Need a little extra attention and advice? Our coaches care. Use the Coach Marketplace to find a coach in your area for some one-on-one work.


“Sounds like a fun app! Pretty cool to finally have an excuse to talk to the people at my gym! And with the amazing features coming, I think this may be the best fitness app ever.”

Nelson Q.Future Member

"Fitness + people=a great app! Sign me up! They bring a lot of heart and thought to it, unlike other fitness apps. Also pretty fantastic design! A good-looking app.”

Derrick WeldonFuture Member

“Looking forward to being in a place where I don’t have to start a new account to talk about fitness or my diet!”

James B.Future Member